its a party!

custom basketballs for da children’s.



33 orbits

Heres a recap of my good friend, brother, mentor junk roxxx. His solo show took place a few weeks ago. peep the science, he’s been in the lab cooking up some fiyaaahh! check it out!IMG_8528.JPGIMG_8532.JPGIMG_8533.JPGIMG_8534.JPGIMG_8531.JPGFullSizeRender-4.jpg


The crew and my self took on a gig building four double sided walls for a corporate event that was held in Tampa and back down to Miami. But that wasn’t it, we had to draw one sample used as reference. The employees were broken down into groups as they mimic the sample using spray cans. You know how that goes! here are some flicks of the first time sprayers having some fun!FullSizeRender.jpgIMG_0278-1.JPG